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I’m a Digital Marketer, Webmaster and Entrepreneur from Washington, DC Metropolitan Area 🇺🇸



BSIS Web Development


AA Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications



Eccles Enterprises LLC

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I'm a huge supporter of entrepreneurship and owning your own businesses. I have a passion for helping others achieve financial success through business as I have for 20+ years. So I use Eccles Enterprises, LLC to do just that!

We provide the services that you need to get ahead of your competition. We’ve mastered the technology so that you can focus on running your business. Whether you’re just starting out, rebranding or just making a few changes to your business Eccles Enterprises has got you covered.


For Grown Folks Only LLC

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My better half and I have been blessed with the gift of communication in our marriage. We know that it's contributed to 15+ years of being happily married but that's not the case for so many of our friends. So we started For Grown Folks Only, LLC to encourage couples to stay in long lasting & committed relationships through effective communication.


My Christmas Rocks (Brand)

MyChristmasRocks.com Logo

I created this website years ago for friends and family and it's grown over time. More and more people found out about it so I left it up year round. And by demand, I created an e-commerce store for Christmas apparel and collectibles for true Christmas Fans. You can enjoy the best holiday playlist while shopping without the crowds of people!


The Busy Dad Network (Brand)

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Gaming/Tech brand for busy dads who love God, family, business, technology, gaming, art and the people who support them.

Major Skills

1996 – Present | Mighty

Website Design & Development

Website design is definitely my strongest skillset of digital marketing. I started my first business designing websites in 1998 from the advice of my best friend and now wife.

With the saturation of point-n-click online website builders there's a greater need for custom website creation. It's the best way to set your brand apart from your competition and to control your platform.

2014 - Present | Mighty

Social Media Marketing

This skill is surely becoming the most important skills to be proficient at in digital marketing period. It encomapsses so many creative skills into one to attract a target audience to a product or service that they want. And its the one that I use the most now.

Everyone knows that they should use social media to market their product, idea or service but few know how to do it correctly. I help you to figure out what works best for you.

2010 – Present | Mighty

Email Marketing

This is the one skill that can make the difference between a business that's barely making a profit to a multi-million dollar business! I can't stress enough how imprtant it is to use email marketing in your business!

I teach people to leverage their exitsing customers to build their business using email. I also show business owners how to monetize an email list by building relationships thus creating loyal buyers.

1990 | Mighty

Graphic Design

With more people starting their own businesses now, the creation of original images and logo design is at an all time high. And knowing how to create and present graphic images for social marketing use can be the clutch pin of e-commerce sales.

1998 - Present | Strong


Even though this is growing into a more "organic" process, for search engine ranking, it's still important to perform keyword research when trying to get your website found. I will help you to do it correctly.

1998 – Present | Mighty

Brand Creation

I regularly build online brands from idea to fruition. This includes logo creation, business slogans, full websites (CMS and e-commerce), determining the perfect target audience, creating and growing the social media platform accounts, and pre/post email marketing campaigns. This includes businesses and the growing trend of personal branding.

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