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I am a man of strong faith, family values, determination and fun. I married my best friend over 15 years ago and am a proud father. I love collecting, music and movies mostly. And I'm a technology enthusiast. If I'm not building a new PC, in my free time, then you can catch me sneaking in a PC/video game or two.

I'm a definite “driven” individual and tenacious entrepreneur. I quickly realized that if I worked for someone else, solely, that I'd never reach my goals of financial freedom. I've owned multiple successful businesses for more than 22 years and am an advocate for living life on your own terms.

I believe that people can achieve anything that they put their mind to but it takes blind faith, consistency, self-development and a system that works. Creativity through design and technology has been the system that's worked for me. It's the vehicle that's allowing me to build a legacy of wealth and empowerment for my future generations.

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