How the Little Things Can Mean So Much To Others

Christmas Magic

How the Little Things Can Mean So Much To Others

The Christmas season has always been my favorite time of year! Many of the best highlights of my youth happened during the Christmas season. Of course, i loved receiving gifts like most other children. it was the only time of year that I'd really get gifts when I was young.

I was amazed at all the festive lights and decorations in the house and around the neighborhood. That was back when more people decorated for the holidays. And people seemed to be in a better mood around hat time of year too.

As I grew older and out on my own, I learned the real meaning of Christmas and the "Christmas Magic" effects of the season. I found that it feels better to gifts than to receive them. Of course, I didn't have much money so I looked for ways of giving to as many people as possible and sharing that "Christmas Magic" feeling.

So, I created simple webpage with a small Christmas music playlist for my family and friends. Well the word got out and it became a huge hit! It would crash my webservers by the hour back then. It became so popular that I created an entire website around the playlist at

And then the email messages started to pour in from around the world from people who were touched by the music that I was sharing on the website! I could hardly believe it. My little website was touching thousands of lives around the world. I began to receive song requests and a small playlist grew to over 80 songs and is available 365 days a year.

It's amazing how something so small, innocent and done in love could have such a huge impact. there's was no way of knowing that my love for creating websites and love of family would grow to become what it has today.

So, if you're into holiday music like I am or if you'd like to share the gift of "Christmas magic" with others be sure to visit my website at today.

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