My passtime is becoming lucrative!

As I mentioned on my PC Tech page, there will never be a gaming console that can compete with a custom built PC when it comes to graphics, audio, interactivity, etc. So I do most of my gaming on my PC. All of it's specs can be found on the PC Tech page. But for gaming on the consoles that I do have, I stream them through my PC so that I can edit the video's presentation or final product.

Now that we have platforms like Twitch and YouTube that monetize video game content I am diving in head first. But I'll be focusing on creating quality content and building my audience. The compensation will come later. Look for my tag, friend codes and equipment below.

I included links to the parts and tech so that you can get more info about them or purchase them for yourselves. If enough people show an interest, I'll post images/video of my current setup.

Tags & Codes

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Playing Equipment

Streaming Equipment

Streaming Software

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